Building a discord bot can sometimes be overwhelming if you need complex commands. Keeping track of logging, configuration files, databases, efficiency, sharding, devops and more. With Erin you don’t have to worry about the boring parts and focus on building your commands the way you need them.

Prerequisite Knowledge

Simple Commands

  • You must have built a very basic bot using
  • Basic experience with asyncio

Advanced Commands

  • Experience using relational databases
  • Knowledge of MongoDB (not mandatory unless you want to access the database directly)


Before we begin building commands, there’s some jargon you need to get familiar with.


Quoting add_cog in the documentation.

“A cog is a class that has its own event listeners and commands.

They are meant as a way to organize multiple relevant commands into a singular class that shares some state or no state at all.”


From the docs

“An extension is a python module that contains commands, cogs, or listeners.”


Plugins are simply extensions that have cogs with extra metadata and custom methods called in it. An existing cog can be converted into a plugin by defining a plugin_data variable in it’s class. However, plugins are not guaranteed to work as a cog in another discord bot.

To give you a better picture:

  • All plugins are extensions, but all extensions are not plugins.
  • All cogs work with plugins, but not cogs built specifically for plugins.

Plugin Metadata:

This is simply a local plugin_data variable of type dict defined in a plugin. This defines metadata like the name, description, status and other properties of a plugin.

Plugin Setup:

This is a local setup() function defined outside the cog’s class. It’s used to do initialize cogs and prepare the plugin to be imported as an extension. Although it is fairly easy to initialize other cogs and commands directly from the setup() function, it’s recommended to only place commands that complement each other into the same plugin.


Entities are simply discord data model objects that represents anything that for which information can be stored. In simple terms, entities are any object in discord that can be referenced by an ID.

Entity States:

These are MongoDB database collections that can store data about a particular entity.