Installing the bot

For Users

For production use, please install from pip.

pip install erin

Then verify it is working by running this command:

$ erin -V
erin 0.1.0.dev2

For Developers

Installing from source

Erin is very easy to install from source. First clone the latest development version from the master branch.

git clone

Since Erin has a lot of dependencies, it is wise to install a virtualenv first. Please do not use pipenv however. It’s incompatible with Erin’s dependencies and may cause more problems in the future. If you wish to submit a pull request to fix this problem please read more here

First let’s make a virtualenv. So we have to install it first.

pip install virtualenv

Then create a new virtualenv within the repository. If you name it venv it won’t get checked in.

cd Erin/
virtualenv venv

Now let’s activate the virtual environment.

source venv/bin/activate

You should now see your terminal change to show your are you now using a virtual environment. Let’s install the package dependencies now. This may take a while depending on your machine.

pip install -r requirements.txt

Now let’s install it locally as an editable installation to make sure our changes get picked up.

pip install -e .

Additionally, if you need to write tests run this command.

pip install -e .[TESTS]